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Service overview

id card

A McGill Service Provider is an external person working at McGill but who is paid by a company in contractual agreement with McGill. A vendor number must exist in Banner for the company McGill has hired.

Examples include: security agents and project managers on a construction job. 

Despite being external, the McGill Service Provider is given an ID card for internal use at the university, for identification purposes and for access to buildings and rooms. It is valid for up to five years and can be renewed.



The ID card is intended for use only on McGill premises. Any use of this card outside of McGill for the purpose of representing an association with McGill is strictly prohibited.

Depending on the Service Provider's role, additional IT services may be included, such as an email account and credentials to access various systems.

Who can use it

McGill Service Providers

External persons working on McGill premises and paid by a company in a contractual agreement with the university can receive a McGill Service Providers ID card. The request for the ID card must come from a sponsor.


Deans of faculties and Directors of non-academic support units are responsible for the sponsorship of McGill Service Providers. They may delegate sponsorship duties to a trusted senior McGill employee, within the Dean’s or Director’s office, such as an Area Personnel Officer.

Sponsorship duties include:

How to request & access the service

Obtaining an ID card and other services


A McGill ID must be created for the vendor if they have not previously worked for McGill -  Contact your departmental HR administrator to have one created as Central HR will no longer create vendor ID’s for McGill Service Providers.

Step 1 - Fill out request form

The sponsor of the McGill Service Provider, who requests (or requests renewal) of the McGill Service Provider ID card, must complete, sign and submit the request form (a few days before contract begins or renews):
Request form - English | Request form - French (a few days before contract renews) with the appropriate box checked off.

Step 2 - Request a McGill username and email if needed

If the service provider requires a McGill email account and access to other IT services, the sponsor must request an affiliate account.

The sponsor will be automatically notified by email when a McGill Username or McGill Email Address has been created for the service provider.

Step 3 - Get the printed ID card with photo

The sponsor will be notified when the service provider has been processed in Banner. The sponsor may then request an ID card printing appointment by contacting Security Services.

The service provider must produce a government-issued photo ID (e.g. driver's licence) to prove their identity for the ID card.

Step 4 - Arrange for building and room access

Once the photo ID card has been issued, building/room access must be arranged by the sponsor. The sponsoring department's Area Access Manager can provide the access.

Expiry of ID cards and access

The expiry date for the card will be set in accordance with the employee’s appointment end date or the service provider’s contract end date, as applicable, for a maximum life of 5 years. A new card must be issued if there is a change in:

In the case of early termination, see the FAQs below.


Sponsors will be contacted by email one month before the expiration of the McGill Service Provider ID card, allowing the sponsor to submit a request form for renewal.

If the service provider employee’s appointment has been extended and neither the sponsor nor vendor has changed, complete, sign and submit the request form Request form - English | Request form - French (a few days before contract renews) with the appropriate box checked off.

Accessing additional services (email, other systems)

For McGill Service Providers who have been issued a McGill Username / McGill Email Address, after obtaining your 9-digit McGill ID number, you must find out your Minerva PIN and sign into Minerva in order to set up your McGill Password.

Your McGill Username and McGill Password will then be used as credentials to access IT services, such as email, the McGill network, myCourses, etc.

  1. Contact the IT Service Desk to obtain your Minerva PIN.
  2. View your McGill Username, change your McGill Password.


The cost of producing an ID card, for all units except the School of Continuing Studies, is $15 per card printed. A departmental FOAPAL is required on the application/renewal form.

There is no additional charge for renewals, unless the sponsor or vendor has changed, in which case a new card needs to be printed. 


Access rights for the McGill Service Provider ID card are limited to use at McGill, in locations and at times arranged by the sponsor.

The McGill username / email address can be used 24 X 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of the related services. Check the homepage of the IT Support website for announcements regarding service interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

What should I do if a McGill Service Provider leaves before the official termination date?

Best practices & policies

Training & documentation

McGill service providers who have been given a McGill Email mailbox and access to Office 365, will need to set up their account with Two-factor authentication (2FA). See the following articles:


Contact the IT Service Desk.