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Service overview

Email distribution lists make it easy to send messages to a group of people all at once. Although an email distribution list has a unique address, it is really a collection of email addresses. When a message is sent to the email distribution list, it is redistributed to each of the addresses contained in the list.

The following two types of email distribution lists are commonly used at McGill:

The management of McGill lists is established by their primary owner in keeping with the Policy on the Responsible Use of McGill IT Resources. Support to the list members is provided by the list owner.

Who can use it

How to request & access the service

Outlook email distribution lists


NOTE: Request required to receive external mail

By default, Outlook distribution lists configured by IT Services block ALL external email, including legitimate email, sent from non-McGill users. To request receipt of external mail, the list manager must submit a request to the IT Service Desk.  



NOTICE: Listserv Web interface doesn't function properly in Firefox.

Please use the Chrome web browser to access the Listserv Web interface and make sure your are either on campus or connected to the VPN.

Note: If your list contains only McGill email addresses, an Outlook distribution list may be more the appropriate option. See article  Comparison of email distribution lists in Outlook vs. Listserv for more details.


There is no cost associated with this service. If you are a student, the cost is covered under the IT portion of your student fees.


This service is available 24 X 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the IT Services home page for announcements regarding service interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best practices & policies

Training & documentation

The following self-serve documentation is available:

Outlook (GAL) list administrators


LISTSERV subscribers


Contact the IT Service Desk