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Service overview

Administrative computers are provided to all centrally funded (1A) administrative, full time equivalent employees who require computers for their work.

Service includes:

Not included:


Who can use it

The program covers administrative staff who are centrally funded (1A).

Shared computers, used by casual workers, are also covered, as long as the computer is used on a more or less fulltime basis.  

How to request & access the service

Requesting computers and equipment

IT Asset Stewards (usually the administrative person in the unit/faculty) can make requests for administrative computers via the Computer request forms on the IT Support site.

Decisions about the type of computer to allocate should be based on the Guidelines for allocating a laptop vs. desktop computer to administrative staff

The strategy for evergreening of existing computers and specifications of Recommended administrative computers are announced to the unit/faculty each year through the Office of the CIO.

Getting a new work computer?

Back up locally stored files

Administrative staff are responsible for backing up any files stored on your work computer. Activate OneDrive backup to sync files on your local Desktop, Documents and Photos folders to McGill's OneDrive for Business cloud storage. Keep OneDrive backup on at all times so that you always have a copy in the cloud.

Ideally all work files should be stored on McGill-provisioned services for file storage and collaboration, such as MS Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and D2.

Connect your laptop

View instructions on the various cables and ports at Connecting a laptop to monitor(s), docking station, and peripheral devices


There is no cost for standard computers and equipment provided by IT Services. Departments may purchase additional equipment at their own expense


The evergreening program is re-evaluated on a yearly basis by the Office of the CIO.

Frequently asked questions

How is it determined how many computers a unit/faculty will get?
See How to request & access in this article.

Are monitors covered under the evergreening program?
The goal of evergreening is to continually replace outdated computers in order to maintain a fleet of computers that is at or above the minimum standards, which are reviewed each year. Monitors and other computer equipment are not currently in scope, but may be included at a later date.

How do I dispose of end-of-life computers?
See Proper disposal of IT equipment at McGill

What should I do with older computers that are being replaced, but are not yet end-of-life?
See the instructions for re-purposing equipment in the Best Practices & policies section below.

How do I register an IT asset purchased outside of LeJames Store?
Please use the following form: Register an IT asset purchased outside of LeJames

Best practices & policies

Principles guiding the PC renewal program:

To support McGill's plans for fiscal and ecological responsibility, and to protect confidential data, please consider the following best practices:

Training & documentation

Resources for IT Asset Stewards:

Instructions for administrative staff:


If your unit/faculty receives centralized IT support from IT Customer Services (ICS), you can contact the IT Service Desk.

Otherwise, contact your local System Administrator.

Note: Don't know whether your unit/faculty is supported by ICS? Don't know your Local Area Network (LAN) administrator? See the Who can use this service section of the IT Service Desk Service Description.