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Service overview

Minerva is a user-friendly web interface to Banner, the database where McGill's student and financial data is stored.

Faculty and staff have access to self-service menus Personal and Employee. Administrators, instructors and student advisors also have access to one or more administrative menus in order to perform tasks associated with their role in the University.


Most employee functionality has been moved from Minerva to Workday (HR management system).

Who can use it

All McGill faculty and staff.

Former staff have access to the self-service Personal and Employee menus.

How to request & access the service

What you need to access Minerva

Authorization and training
No training is required for self-service menus, such as the Personal and Employee Menus. For other menus, authorization and training may be required depending on your role at the University, as described in Minerva menus for Faculty and Staff.

IDs and Passwords

Your McGill ID is the 9-digit number that appears on your McGill ID card. New faculty and staff receive their 6-character initial Minerva PIN by email, with which to log in and set up a PIN of your own choosing. If you do not receive your initial PIN or if you have problems connecting, contact IT Service Desk.

You can log in using either your McGill Username and Password or your McGill ID/Minerva PIN combination. However, if you have a valid McGill username, your McGill ID and PIN will eventually be phased out, so it is recommended you use your McGill credentials.

Staff who perform administrative tasks in Minerva, such as updating student records or viewing/updating financial records, also need a Banner UserID and Password, even if they do not use Banner for their administrative tasks.

How to access Minerva



If you have a valid McGill username, your McGill ID and PIN will eventually be phased out, so it is recommended to use your McGill credentials to log in.

To access and log into Minerva directly, using any of these methods:

See the FAQ section of this description for more questions and answers on access.


 There is no cost associated with this service.


Minerva is available 24 X 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the System Status page for announcements regarding service interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

Best practices & policies

Anyone using Minerva agrees to the Policy on the Responsible Use of McGill IT Resources

Regularly change your Minerva PIN using the Personal Menu option, using the guidelines for secure passwords.

If you access or use privileged information in carrying out your tasks, do not use, pass on, or alter the information in any way not directly connected with your work responsibilities. This applies to information in any format, whether electronic or paper. When no longer needed, confidential documents should be stored securely or shredded. Consider any archival or legal requirements prior to disposal.

Always be sure to log out of Minerva when you are finished and never leave your computer unattended while you are logged into Minerva.

Training & documentation

Courses requiring registration:

Self-serve resources:


To report system unavailability or slow response, or problems logging in:

To request registration in an IT Training course on behalf of someone else, or when self-serve registration is unavailable: