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Service overview

McGill provides IT support to administrative units that assist academics with their applications for research funds or research ethics approval. This IT support comes in the form of of enterprise software and access to the services of the Faculty & Research Portfolio team.

Enterprise software used for research administration


AMS (Animal Management System)

The Animal Management System (AMS) for research and teaching activities involving animals, is an online Animal Use Protocol and animal facility management software that centralizes electronic submissions and approvals for researchers, committee members, animal facility staff, veterinarians and administrators at McGill University and Research Institutes of Affiliated Hospitals. It also includes management of financial activities, animal breeding, clinical health and inspections for the animal care program.

Note: For more information, consult the About AMS (Animal Management System) and the AMS website on the Research and Innovation website.

Banner / Minerva

Research grants are tracked in Banner Finance Information System (FIS), in both the Fund and Grant modules. These enterprise systems are described in detail in Banner (INB) and Minerva for Faculty and Staff service descriptions.

Faculty & Research (FR) Portfolio Team

The FR Portfolio team, in IT Application Services, works with research administrative units to provide on-demand support for various research administration systems and associated processes.

Examples of support by the FR Portfolio team:

Upcoming projects include:

Who can use it

The online RFC is for McGill faculty members only.

Department and faculty administrators need to request permission for Proposal Tracking. For more information, email the Office of Sponsored Research, or call 514-398-3996.

The Human Subject service is for McGill faculty members and student researchers (Human Subjects Ethics Approval submissions only).

For a list of AMS's typical users, please consult the"Who can use it" in the AMS (Animal Management System) Service Description.

How to request & access the service

Faculty researchers should already have access to the online RFC.

To request access to the Proposal Tracking system, email the Office of Sponsored Research, or call 514-398-3996.

Faculty researchers and most students should already have access to the Human Participant Ethics submissions.

To request access to AMS, head to the AMS (Animal Management System) Service Description and follow the instructions in How to request & access.


There is no cost for these services.


These services are available 24 X 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the homepage of the IT Support site for announcements regarding service interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

Not available.

Best practices & policies

Not available.

Training & documentation

To request training on software for research administration, email the Office of Sponsored Research or call 514-398-3996.

AMS's training documents and videos are available in the Training and documentation section of the AMS (Animal Management System) Service Description.



Contact the IT Service Desk

To report problems or request support for research administration software, email the Office of Sponsored Research, or call 514-398-3996.

Consultations are available with the Portfolio Manager, Faculty & Research, Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Note: Before arranging a consultation, you must first submit a request to the Office of Sponsored Research, as described in the How to request section.