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ANNOUNCEMENT: myFuture upgrade coming soon

Get ready for the enhanced myFuture experience! Set to debut this summer, we are bringing you improved features and performance.  For additional information about the upcoming changes to myFuture, please read the full announcement.

Throughout the upgrade project, the information presented in this article is subject to change.

Service overview

myFuture is an online career and internship management system centrally shared and available to students, employers, and staff of all McGill career and internship offices.

myFuture is currently offered by the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS), the Engineering Career Centre, and the Desautels Faculty of Management Career Services. Each office can use myFuture to offer enhanced online services to their student clients and employer contacts and simplify their work processes.

Students can use myFuture to:

Employers can use myFuture to:

Career and Internship office staff can use myFuture to:

Who can use it?


McGill students can use myFuture if they:

  • Active McGill student, or
  • Have accepted their admission offer from McGill and paid the acceptance fee


All alumni are eligible, although alumni who graduated before 2007 must register to create a myFuture profile. See How to register for pre-2007 alumni.


The following employers can use myFuture but must register to create a profile. See How to register for employers.
  • External companies
  • McGill administrative units

McGill Career and Internship Offices

All McGill career and internship offices can make myFuture available to their clients and staff. See How to register for staff.

For additional conditions, read the eligibility requirements listed on the appropriate career office site:

How to register for the service

Students and recent alumni (who graduated after 2007) can access myFuture without special registration. Employers, staff, and pre-2007 alumni need to register before gaining access.

See below for information about how to register for:

How to register for employers

Employers wishing to recruit McGill students can register with myFuture through any participating career or internship office. You only need to register once using the instructions below to access every participating office's myFuture system.

To register with myFuture:

  1. Go to the Employers section of myFuture on the appropriate Career Centre, and click:
  2. Click on Register or Register and Post a Job and follow the onscreen instructions.

How to register for staff

McGill staff working in any of the Career Centres currently using myFuture do not automatically have access to myFuture. To request access, contact your unit's site manager.

McGill career or internship offices interested in using myFuture should contact the IT Service Desk to initiate a needs assessment and establish an effective implementation strategy.

How to register for pre-2007 alumni

Alumni who graduated before May 2007 must register to create their profiles in myFuture. To register, email the appropriate Career Centre:

In the email, specify your:

You will be informed of the fee (if any) and how to pay.

How to access myFuture (students and employers)

Eligible users have access to all Career Centre sites. To access myFuture:

  1. Go to the appropriate myFuture portal:
  2. Choose for Students or for Employers.
  3. Click Sign in at the top left of the page and follow the onscreen instructions.



To find out whether there is a fee for use in any of the four career centres, see the appropriate link in the Who can use this service section.


There is no cost for employers to use myFuture.


The service is available 24 X 7, except during planned maintenance or outages. Check the home page of the IT Support site for announcements regarding service interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my personal information that appears in the "Personal Information" tab?

Information on the myFuture Profile page under the Personal Information tab cannot be modified directly on the site. If something is incorrect in this tab, you may update the information in the Minerva Personal Menu. The changes will be reflected in myFuture within 24 hours.

myFuture "Academic Information" page was overwritten! What happened?

Once a semester, as part of the process of loading new students into myFuture, the Academic Information page gets refreshed with up-to-date information from Banner. While McGill students may be enrolled in multiple programs simultaneously, myFuture can only handle one academic program per student. By default, your "Primary" program shown in Banner is copied into myFuture.

If this is not your preference, you can modify your academic profile in myFuture. However, when the academic information is refreshed from Banner each semester, any changes you had previously made to your academic profile in myFuture are overwritten.

Best practices & policies

None available.

Training & documentation

For training and documentation, please contact careers.caps@mcgill.ca.


Students (including the School of Continuing Studies) and alumni requiring help signing in to myFuture should contact the IT Service Desk.

Contact the IT Service Desk to report a system failure.


Students and employers

For questions about using myFuture or career-related questions, contact the appropriate centre:

McGill staff  (CaPS, the Engineering Career Centre, or the Desautels Faculty of Management Career Services)

For questions on login access or to report bugs, contact careers@caps.mcgill.ca.