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NOTICE : eSPACE replaces the Visual Map tab in FAMIS

As of February 2023, all space data, including floor plans, architectural plans, and other types of documents related to construction and renovation projects, are available to authorized users in eSpace.

Service overview

FAMIS is a facilities operations management system It is used for submitting maintenance service requests. More information on the FAMIS webpage

Who can use this service

Access to FAMIS modules is based on log in privileges.

Facilities Maintenance Operations and other authorized users have access to view and manage Service Requests and Work Orders.

Other authorized faculty and staff members can access the modules to submit Service Requests for maintenance work and view project reports via FAMIS Reports.

How to request & access

To request access to FAMIS, contact the Facilities Call Center at (514) 398-4555 (downtown campus) or (514) 398-7828 (Macdonald campus), or via email to fcc.fod@mcgill.ca

Once the request is approved and you complete the necessary training, access to the appropriate modules will be added to your account profile.

Log into FAMIS via containment site

FAMIS requires functionality that can only be provided via Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Therefore, authorized users will need to log in to FAMIS using a remote connection to a secure containment site.

See Using FAMIS from the IE containment environment.



There is no cost associated with this service.


This service is available 24 X 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the home page of the IT Support site for announcements regarding interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

Find FAQs and additional information on the FAMIS page of the Facilities Management and Ancillary Services website.

Best practice & policies

Because the FAMIS application runs on a remote server (not your local computer), be sure to read the section "Tips on viewing, printing, saving and attaching files" in the article Using FAMIS on the IE containment environment.

When using any computer system or software application, the following best practices apply:

Training & documentation

FAMIS training for authorized users will be scheduled through the Facilities Call Centre

See Using FAMIS from the IE containment environment


Contact the Facilities Call Centre.