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Service overview

Lecture Recording allows instructors to have their course lectures, demonstrations or student presentations automatically recorded throughout a term. (Instructors, view the service description Lecture Recording for Instructors.)

Classroom recordings:

Zoom lecture recordings:

Zoom sessions, used for remote teaching, can also be recorded and made available to students through Lecture Recordings in myCourses.

Instructors may choose which lectures are made available, and can restrict access to class members, via links within myCourses, or allow general access to recordings via a publicly accessible URL. Instructors also have the option of allowing students to download and save their lecture recordings, or only view the streamed recording online.

Who can use it

Instructors choose who can access their lecture recordings:

How to request, access the service

Only instructors for a course can request this service; students cannot be delegated to request it. Once recorded, it takes a few hours for recordings to become available.

Accessing lecture recordings
Your instructor will inform you where these recordings are accessible, either:

Playback settings - streaming and download formats:

Instructors can choose to provide either or both of these file playback settings.

LRS recordings are generally available across all major platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux) and major browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).


The cost is covered under your student fees.


Note: Lecture recordings are available online for 2 terms after the one in which they were recorded. For example, recordings from Fall 2020 are available until the end of Fall 2021 term. After the 2 terms the recordings are removed from the system and are not retrievable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best practices & policies

Lecture recordings can be an effective way of reviewing content covered in class, but should not replace attendance and class participation.

Training & documentation

See Viewing lecture recordings in myCourses (for students)


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