Resources for teaching remotely


Target audience: Faculty, staff, and students

This article provides a brief overview of available resources to instructors, students, and staff members who need to make alternate arrangements for lectures, collaboration activities, and assignments to address absenteeism issues.

For tips on optimal ergonomics and safety when working from home, consult the Telework page on the Environmental Health and Safety website.

In this article:

Teaching remotely

Zoom (remote teaching & learning) is the primary service recommended for conducting classes remotely. Zoom is integrated with myCourses, allowing instructors to easily create online meetings for their entire class, chat with or without video, and deliver presentations.

Instructors can also record sessions and share them with students in myCourses.

Online collaboration and web conferencing

There are two tools for online collaboration and web conferencing:

Training for Microsoft Teams (COL 101, 102) and Webex (COL 610, 615) is available via IT Training.

See: MS Teams and Webex Best Practices

Creating online lectures

Recording class lectures

There are three tools for recording class lectures:

Accessing and sharing online content

McGill Library

Instructors can access online teaching, learning, and research materials (including e-journals, e-books, course reserves, teaching support tools, and Subject guides) through the McGill Library.

To access restricted library resources from off campus, instructors should use the following:

These resources do not require accessing the McGill VPN, but you will be prompted to log in with your McGill username and password. For more information, including a list of the Library resources that require the VPN, visit the Library's Accessing online resources page.

Sharing files on myCourses

You can upload any type of document to myCourses (e.g., PDF, Word document, PowerPoint presentation), but remember that the end user will need the appropriate software to view the files.

You can host files larger than 10 MB on Microsoft Teams or a central server and link to them from myCourses. In addition, you can upload videos to Stream (Video Sharing Platform).

Files can also be uploaded to a McGill Webex or OneDrive account.

Communicating with students via myCourses

myCourses has two tools for communicating with students:

Student group work via myCourses

myCourses has two tools for facilitating student group work:

Student evaluation via myCourses

myCourses has three tools for student evaluations: