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Service overviewDisplay Screen

McGill’s Public Display Screens allows users to display images, video, and other relevant content to large display screens located in high-traffic public areas.

These screens are locally owned and operated by individual units on campus, who also control the content displayed. The service offered includes training and support for screen editors and content managers.

NOTE: All content creation and management are done by the local owner of the screens.

Who can use this service

All McGill administrative units, faculties, departments and research groups are entitled to use this service.

How to request/access

Request a new display screen installation
A departmental manager or director can fill in the Request installation of a new display screen webform for inquiries or to request new installations.

Create content and design a display screen presentation in BrightAuthor
See Bright Author - How to configure and display content on your display screen for more details.


To install new display screens, a separate evaluation must be made for each location. Average costs are $8000 per screen. Costs associated with photography, illustrations, custom applications, etc. are the responsibility of the client unit.


Public display screens are available 7 days per week, up to 16 hours per day. When configuring your screen, IT Services will automatically schedule when your screen will enter power saving mode, or "go to sleep". Generally, public display screens are active from 7:30 am to 7:00 pm. If you would prefer that your screen operate on a different schedule, please contact the IT Service Desk. However, having the screen "ON" 24/7 will reduce its life span.

Frequently asked questions

Please see FAQs for Public Display Screens.

Best practices & policies

Training & documentation

Initial training is given by IT Services when a new screen is installed. To request training, open a self-serve ticket on the IT Support Portal.

Self-serve training materials:


For hardware, software and system support contact the IT Service Desk.