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Service overview

This service provides recommendations on the purchase of all types of audiovisual equipment, except for permanent installations. The repair service is available for all recommended equipment belonging to McGill departments and privately funded rooms with audiovisual equipment.

Note: For permanent installation of AV equipment (video-data projector, flat screens and displays, VCR, DVD, microphone, video conferencing system, etc.) see Audiovisual Installation and Modification.

Who can use this service

McGill departments and staff can obtain information about audiovisual equipment recommendations; however, repairs are restricted to audiovisual equipment belonging to McGill departments.

How to request & access

To install, modify or request technical support, fill out the Audiovisual service in private rooms request form. There will be charged for repair and/or replacement of teleconferencing equipment eg. polycom or similar units, and for technical support for audiovisual equipment.



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