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Service overview

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McGill University offers a Campus Printing (uPrint) solution for students, faculty and staff. This campus-wide copy and print management solution allows any member of the McGill community with a valid McGill ID card to send a print job to the central print queue, and pick it up from the uPrint device of their choice.

Benefits include:

Who can use it


McGill students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a valid McGill ID card,
  • No significant financial holds / locks on their student account,
  • Registered for a credit course in the current term OR the upcoming fall/winter term OR have just completed their last term prior to graduation.

Once a student graduates, they have a one month grace period where they are allowed to use this service, after which they are no longer eligible unless they return to the university to continue studies.

Students who are members of special groups

The following groups of students will need to purchase a uPrint Prepaid Guest card in order to print, copy or scan at uPrint machines on campus:
  • Exchange students
  • Inter-University Transfer students
  • Special and Visiting students in the School of Continuing Studies
  • Special intensive English and French programs in the School of Continuing Studies

Please note that students who are members of one of the above special groups must purchase a uPrint Guest card in order to access uPrint on campus.

Faculty and staff

The following groups of faculty and staff members are eligible to use the uPrint service for work-related printing:
  • McGill faculty and staff with a valid McGill ID card.
  • Externals (contract staff) with a McGill username.
  • Active casual staff with a McGill username (with or without a uPrint card).

If you are a staff member intending to print or copy for personal use, please purchase a uPrint Prepaid Guest card.

Shared uPrint Accounts with a uPrint card

  • The following groups of users when working for a department or a unit, but without having McGill staff username:
  • Students working for a department whose printing is to be billed to the unit
  • Casual staff, affiliates, guests
  • Retired staff
The access to a Shared uPrint Account and a uPrint card is under the responsibility and the discretion of the department or the unit.


How to request & access the service

Send your print jobs to uPrint

Option 1: Print from a computer with uPrint drivers installed.

This option can be used from all McGill-managed computers, as well as your personal computer, once you install the uPrint drivers (see note below).

  1. From your document, or page, select Print.
  2. Then choose either uPrint Mono (for black & white) or uPrint Colour (for colour print-outs), or uPrint Mono Popup or uPrint Colour Popup (for MAC users and uPrint Shared Accounts users). 
  3. Additional options, such as paper size, double- or single-sided are available through the print driver dialog box.

If you don't have the uPrint drivers installed:


IMPORTANT: Using uPrint drivers from off-campus

If you are sending a print job, using the uPrint drivers, from off-campus (not connected to the McGill wireless or wired network), you will have to first connect to McGill's VPN

Option 2 : Email your print job

You can email your print job from any computer, laptop or mobile device and pick up from any uPrint device on campus. No print drivers or network connection required. When printing via email, you cannot specify paper formatting options.

See uPrint Anywhere - How to print from your mobile device or laptop.

Pick up print jobs, scan or make copies using a uPrint device

  1. Log in to the device; choose from one of the following two methods :  
    • Swipe your McGill ID card against the uPrint sticker on the device. Enter your McGill password if prompted.
  2. Choose one of the following options (instructions are available for the different Xerox models):


    NOTICE: Fax not supported through uPrint devices

    The Fax option has been disabled from most uPrint devices on campus. Faxing can be done by email using the XMedius service

  3. When finished using the device, make sure to log out otherwise, users could charge copies to your account.
    • For Xerox Altalink C8135, C8155, C8170 tap your name found on the top-right corner of the touch screen

TIPS for faculty and staff members:

  • Add security by requiring your password: By default, staff and faculty members do not to have to enter their password after swiping their ID cards. For added security, you can enable the password prompt after swiping your McGill ID card. To select this option, go to Minerva > Employee > uPrint – Campus Printing Menu > Password Waiver

  • Direct print option: You can choose to print from your administrative desktop directly to a specific uPrint device. With this option, your print jobs are released automatically, so it is not as secure for large offices. See Direct Print instructions.



For students:
All print jobs are charged to your Student Account (available from Minerva).

For faculty and staff members:
All print jobs are charged to the FOAPAL associated with your uPrint account.

For those using uPrint prepaid guest cards:
Printing charges are subtracted from the card balance. The updated balance appears on the uPrint screen the next time you log into the uPrint machine.

Key Financial Contacts, uPrint Administrators and Managers:
Please see information resources for <aclass="external" href="https://mcgill.ca/financialservices/gfm/financeroles/uprintadmin" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow">uPrint Administrators on the Financial Services website.

The cost of paper, toner, staples, maintenance, network jack activation and training are included in the cost per impression.

Each department is responsible for filling up their uPrint device(s) with paper; see the Guidelines for the purchase and use of printing paper and printing services for details on ordering paper through the McGill Marketplace. It is Xerox's responsibility to refill the uPrint devices with all other supplies, such as toner and staples.


uPrint devices are available throughout the downtown, Macdonald, Gault Estate and the Outaouais campuses. Find a comprehensive list, including location, serial and model numbers.

Frequently asked questions

See FAQ's on billing, refunds, printing, etc.

If you are responsible for managing your unit's printing devices, please see uPrint resources for Key Financial Contacts / uPrint Administrators for more FAQ's on ordering paper, supplies, etc.

Best practices & policies

Training & documentation

None available.


Submit a uPrint issue

The IT Service Desk provides technical support during business hours. Additionally, Xerox has a technical support person on campus at all times during business hours, and any necessary repairs to their devices will be made within a maximum of 4 hours on workdays.

Request forms for uPrint devices: 

Support resources for Financial Administrators:

Requests for refunds:

Requests for uPrint / Prepaid Guest Cards:

Technical issues / Ordering supplies:

Before reporting a problem with printing, please see the Known issues with uPrint.