* About: Wireless connectivity on McGill's inter-campus shuttle buses

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Service overview

Wireless Connectivity on McGill's Inter-campus shuttle bus:

While riding the shuttle buses between the downtown and Macdonald campuses, you can connect to McGill's wireless network to access the Internet, restricted sites and resources provided by the Library. The connection is encrypted and secured.

In order to set up a wireless network connection, you will need the following:

Note: Wi-Fi is available on four permanent shuttle buses (buses #279, 280, 281 and 282) and is indicated on posters. Replacement buses without Wi-Fi may occasionally operate this route.

Who can use it

McGill students, faculty, staff, affiliates (non-McGill staff work in association with McGill such as hospital affiliates), visitors (such as visiting faculty) can use the service. Users will need to have a McGill Username and Password to authenticate on the network.

How to request & access the service

The wireless service is available from any of the regularly used McGill shuttle buses. The SSID of the wireless network is wpa.bus.mcgill.ca.

To configure a wireless connection, follow the appropriate instructions for your operating system:

Index of Wi-Fi setup articles


There is no cost associated with this service.


The service is available on all regular McGill inter-campus shuttle buses, while the bus is in transit. While the bus is idling on campus, between trips, the wireless service may be turned off.

The service will not be available on temporary replacement buses that are used if a regular bus is out of service.

Frequently asked questions

What data transfer protocols are supported?


Are there any limitations in terms of bandwidth usage?

Yes. The maximum bandwidth per user is 1 mb per second when uploading & downloading content.

For security reasons, peer-to-peer filesharing using BitTorrent is not allowed.

Best practices & policies

Training & documentation

None available.


The bus driver can reset the service if it disconnects, but only when the bus is not en route. For all other issues, please Contact the IT Service Desk