* About: EZproxy (access to Library e-resources)

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Service overview


The following groups are able to access Library e-resources via EZproxy with a valid McGill Username and McGill Password:

EZproxy is a quick, convenient way to access restricted McGill Library databases and other online, Library-licensed resources from off campus. Unlike the Virtual Private Network (VPN), it requires no installation or prior setup. Just log in with your McGill Username and Password when prompted, as described in the How to access section below.

EZproxy is specifically intended as an easy alternative for remote access to restricted Library resources; it does not replace McGill's VPN for remote access to other restricted databases or file systems.


Who can use it

McGill students, faculty and staff who have a valid McGill Username and Password.

Alumni can sign into EZProxy to access a subset of Library resources.

How to request & access the service

When off-campus, open your browser and search for the online resource (e-journal, e-book, etc.) that you wish to access in the WorldCat Catalogue, on the Library website or in Google Scholar with McGill Library links enabled:

  1. Click on the link to the resource you wish to access (in Google Scholar choose the "McGill Library Full Text" link).  
  2. If the resource is restricted and requires secure login, you will be prompted to log in with your McGill Username and Password.
  3. Once you successfully log in with your McGill Username and Password, you will not have to log in again as long as you keep your browser open.


There is no cost associated with this service.


This service is available 24 X 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the Library home page for announcements regarding service interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

See EZproxy FAQ on the McGill Library website.

Best practices & policies

Due to strict licensing agreements with publishers, most online resources of the McGill Library, such as databases, full text electronic journals and textbooks, and other online services are restricted to McGill students, faculty and staff.

Ensure you respect the Responsible Use of McGill IT Resources policy when using these resources. Keep in mind that certain resources may be restricted by faculty, e.g. Law, or by location, e.g. on campus.

Training & documentation

No training is required or provided.


Contact the IT Service Desk

If you have additional questions about EZproxy, or are experiencing problems accessing the Library’s electronic resources, contact the Library.