IT checklist for instructors preparing for the academic year



Target audience: Instructors

Use this IT checklist, and its suggested timelines, to ensure that your technology needs for teaching will be met for the upcoming term.

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1- 3 months before beginning of term

checkbox iconTeaching schedule - Find out your weekly class schedule and class lists.

Viewing class lists, photos, schedules in Minerva

checkbox iconmyCourses - Set up your course(s) in myCourses, McGill's Learning Management System.

See the Teaching and Learning Knowledge Base ( for all myCourses documentation.
Request a one-on-one consultation or custom workshop.

checkbox iconSMART boards - Are you using a SMART Board interactive whiteboard or an interactive touch screen display (Sympodium)?

Consult Classrooms equipped with SMART Board interactive whiteboards and Sympodiums and download the SMART Notebook software to your laptop if needed.

checkbox iconPolling @ McGill  - Do you wish to use Polling @ McGill in any courses (i.e. students can dynamically to respond to your questions during class presentations)?

Be sure to download and install any software updates.
Request a one-on-one consultation or custom workshop.

NOTE: As of August 25th, 2022, TurningPoint will be decommissioned and no longer available for use at McGill. TurningPoint is being replaced with a more streamlined and user-friendly tool called Slido. Find out more about Slido on the Teaching and Learning Knowledge Base.

checkbox iconSoftware - Download or purchase software, including tools and applications for teaching and research.

Software available at McGill

1- 3 weeks before class begins

checkbox icon

Classroom equipment - View your classrooms(s) and equipment instructions using the online Classroom AV Instructions tool. Note: If you are bringing your own laptop, take note whether the room supports VGA and/or HDMI video connectors, and bring the appropriate adapters.

Go to Classroom AV Instructions (sign in with your McGill username and password)

We also recommend that you visit your classroom(s) to see the equipment and its operation firsthand; request further clarification if necessary, make note of any AV equipment you may wish to borrow, etc.

checkbox iconAV Loans - Do you need to borrow any AV equipment, free of charge, for use in a course, e.g. wireless microphones, VGA / HDMI adapter?

AV Loans- equipment and pricing
Reserve equipment.
Borrow a laptop

checkbox iconLecture recording - Do you wish to record your lectures, either on your own or using one of McGill's automated recording systems?

What is the Lecture Recording System - automated, full-term recordings, for LRS-equipped rooms
Signing up for lecture recordings
How to record your own lectures using Camtasia

checkbox iconTeaching remotely? Set up your remote teaching or review sessions via Zoom

See Getting Started with Zoom on the Teaching and Learning Services knowledge base.

1 day before class begins

checkbox icon

AV equipment instructions - Print out instructions for the equipment you will be using from the Classroom Audiovisual Instructions tool.

Day class begins

checkbox iconCables and adapters - Remember to pack and bring any cables/adapters you may need for laptops and other devices.
checkbox iconHelp - If you have problems using any of the equipment in your classroom, press the Audiovisual Systems Help button on the telephone for immediate support.

After Add/Drop date (approx. 2 weeks after classes begin) 

checkbox iconCheck in Minerva to view your final class list and class photos.
checkbox iconConsultation on technologies - Request a one-on-one consultation or custom workshop to refresh your skills and techniques.

Getting help

For help with IT-related issues and inquiries, contact the IT Service Desk




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