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Service overview

Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) is a web-based application to help students build potential class schedule options prior to and during registration periods.

Once the Minerva Class Schedule is available for a particular term, students may enter courses from it into VSB. VSB arranges entered courses into possible conflict-free timetables and displays them in an easy-to-read weekly schedule.

It allows students to:

Note: VSB does not register students in courses -- only Minerva can register a student in a course.

Additional notes:

VSB is also useful to faculty and staff who may be interested in a specific McGill program and want to generate “what-if” schedules. For instance, although there is no query for available times, the display of course combinations may facilitate the planning of other events.

Who can use it

Visual Schedule Builder is available to all McGill students, faculty and staff as well as to the general public who may be interested in seeing potential weekly schedules within a particular McGill program.

How to request & access the service

Visit Visual Schedule Builder anytime or access it through myMcGill.


There is no cost associated with this service.


This service is available 24 X 7, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the home page of the IT Support site for announcements regarding service interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

Can students register for classes with Visual Schedule Builder (VSB)?

No. VSB is a way for students to generate possible weekly timetables in which no courses have time conflicts and where additional scheduling constraints can be set up to shape your weekly schedule of courses as desired. It cannot be used for registration.

Does all current class schedule information from Minerva get sent to VSB in real time?

No. Enrolment information is updated in real time from the Minerva Class Schedule. This means that when course sections are full, an accurate warning appears in VSB. However, other last-minute schedule updates, such as day or time of class and the availability of new sections or the cancellation of sections, are sent to VSB only once each morning. Therefore, you should always consult the Minerva Class Schedule before you register.

Does VSB help students identify their program requirements?

No. VSB does not replace the role of a student's advisor or a student's ongoing planning toward graduation from McGill (see Degree Evaluation).

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Best practices & policies

For any questions about your courses, program requirements, etc, please contact your advisor or your faculty/school's student affairs office (see the Advisor directory).

New undergraduate students: Before you begin selecting courses, remember to consult your faculty website for essential information on your program of study.

Training & documentation

Not applicable.


Contact Service Point for all questions and issues related to Visual Schedule Builder.