Browsers supported for most McGill applications


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McGill IT Services makes every effort to ensure that online IT applications and services function correctly in the most recent and next-to-last versions of these popular web browsers:



Browsers not listed above are supported on a best-efforts basis. As such, we cannot guarantee the resolution of issues related to the use of a non-supported browser.

Systems and web applications that have specific browser requirements

Some applications are optimized to work better in certain browsers than others. If the application is used with a non-recommended browser, the functionality may be limited in some cases. For more information, see the detailed table below:

Browsers supported by system / service

When no version is specified, we refer to the most recent and next-to-last versions.

System / Service

Supported Browsers


Banner 9 Chrome, Firefox

It is recommended that you logout from the Banner Admin Pages instead of just closing the browser. Also see information on clearing the browser's cache under Known Issues.

Banner INBInternet Explorer only (see Notes)

Due to specific system requirements which are no longer supported on administrative computers, access to Banner INB is provided through Microsoft Remote Desktop to a remote server. For more information, see Banner INB Login.

Business Intelligence (BI) environmentChrome, Firefox, Safari for MacSome BI tools/options may not work in all browsers; for more information, see Known Issues.
D2Chrome 50 or higher, Edge, Firefox, Safari for Mac 

For optimal performance, use Microsoft Edge for Windows and Google Chrome, and install the Documentum plugin.

Drag & drop of files is not supported in Firefox or Safari.

Consult the Help menu in D2 for assistance with browsers and other features (found in the top right corner, under your login name).

IT Training online courses (OLC)Chrome and Firefox

Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

IT Knowledge BaseChrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari for macOSInternet Explorer is no longer supported.
MinervaChrome, Firefox and Safari for macOSWhen using Microsoft Edge, issues, including timeout and "page not found", have been reported.
myCoursesChrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari on macOS & iOS, Android Browser Internet Explorer is no longer supported.
myMcGillFirefox, Chrome, EdgeCustomizating the portal layout is not supported on Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.
Web Management SystemSee the WMS Browser Support grid.Not all features may work as expected in supported browsers. See the Known issues in the Web Management System for specifics.