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Service overview

This Fax-over-IP solution allows McGill faculty and staff members to send faxes directly from your McGill email account, or from any uPrint machine on campus. Incoming faxes are received via email, and are not automatically printed.


Who can use it

Send faxes:

McGill faculty, staff, casual staff and resource accounts with valid McGill Username and Password can send faxes via email.

Valid access to the uPrint service (McGill Username linked to a FOAPAL) is required to send faxes from any uPrint device.

Receive incoming faxes:

To receive incoming faxes, your unit must have a fax number, and the fax number must be linked to an email address associated with a resource account (e.g.043-NCS-514398XXXX). Find out how to request to receive faxes below.

How to request & access the service

To send a fax:

See How to send a fax via Email or uPrint machine

To receive incoming faxes:

The unit's telephone coordinator needs to fill out a request form and provide the email addresses of the people who will be responsible for receiving, managing and distributing faxes to the appropriate recipients within their unit.

The same form can be used to request a new fax line or to add recipients to receive faxes at an existing fax number.

Once the request is completed, any existing analog fax line will be disconnected and faxes will be rerouted to a resource account with an email address of the format UNIT-FaxNumber@mcgill.ca (Example: NCS-514398XXXX@mcgill.ca).

You will be notified by IT Services when the resource account is enabled to receive incoming faxes.

To manage incoming faxes for your unit:

Personnel managing the incoming faxes will be given "Delegate" permissions to view incoming faxes for the resource account; they will then Add the resource account mailbox in Outlook to view the incoming faxes, without having to log into Outlook using the resource account credentials.

See Manage incoming faxes with XMedius



XMedius Fax service is available 24 X 7, except during planned maintenance or outages. Check the System Status page for announcements.

uPrint devices, used for scanning and sending faxes, are available throughout the downtown and Macdonald campuses. Find uPrint-enabled devices near you.

Frequently asked questions

Best practices & policies

Each incoming fax number should have one main person responsible for triaging and forwarding incoming faxes, and a backup person to perform this function.

If you are managing incoming faxes for your unit, it is your responsibility to forward them to their proper recipients as quickly as possible. Once they have been forwarded to the appropriate person, it is good practice to delete the email from the inbox of the resource account where they are received.

Training & documentation

Find step-by-step instructions at: Send a fax by Email or uPrint


Contact the IT Service Desk