Resources to help you select security software for home and personal use


Target audience: McGill students, faculty, and staff

With the continuous threat of cyberattacks in today’s digital landscape, it is crucial to protect personal computers and devices with reliable endpoint protection, which includes antivirus, anti-malware, safe browsing, and other threat protection security features. By combining safe computing practices with this software, you can significantly enhance your protection against malicious programs (malware), potentially unwanted applications (PUA), and other cyber threats. 

While McGill University does not endorse specific home or personal security software solutions, this article aims to help our community members select affordable or free options that offer effective protection for Windows, macOS, and Android platforms. 

In this article: 

Windows security software solutions

Recent versions of Windows come equipped with a built-in security software called Windows Defender. It provides protection comparable to paid antivirus and anti-malware solutions and is well-rated by independent testing organizations. Should you choose to use it, we recommend taking a few minutes to configure some of its additional security features.  

For other current Windows security software comparisons and recommendations, please refer to the following websites: 

Mac security software solutions

While Apple's recent macOS releases provide a baseline level of protection through their built-in security software, including XProtect and Gatekeeper, they don’t catch everything, and you don’t have much control over how they work. You should therefore consider employing an additional security software solution to benefit from more comprehensive protection and the identification and containment of Windows-based malware. (Although Windows-based malware won't impact your macOS device, it can be transmitted to Windows users and cause them serious harm.)

For current macOS security software comparisons, please refer to the following website: 

Android security software solutions

After Windows, Android is the most popular operating system when it comes to developing and releasing malware and PUA. 

For current Android security software comparisons, please refer to the following website: