OneNote digital notebook


Target audience: OneNote is available to active students, faculty and staff members, with the exception of casual staff.

OneNote is a digital notebook application in Office 365 that automatically saves and syncs notes as you work. You can type information directly into your notebook or insert it from other apps and web pages. OneNote also allows you to include handwritten notes and draw your ideas.

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How to obtain and access OneNote

You can access OneNote from the Microsoft Office 365 portal online, or you can download the free desktop application for Windows and macOS along with other Office 365 apps, or separately from

You can also set up OneNote on your mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows mobile)

Use OneNote in MS Teams

You can combine the power of MS Teams and OneNote to share important task lists, drawings, notes, and accomplish more with your collaborators. Visit the Microsoft links below to learn more about how to integrate OneNote with Teams.

Training & documentation

How to use OneNote (links on the Microsoft site):


Links for troubleshooting and support