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Service overview

This service allows users to view computer lab availability for reporting/monitoring purposes and to plan lab time:

Reporting and dashboarding 

Lab administrators and University stakeholders can use the Computer lab availability and reporting service to help understand computer and software usage in their faculties for strategic and budgetary planning purposes. Average and peak usage and historical trends can easily be identified to help inform decision-making.

Lab availability and computer access

During their studies, students sometimes need access to software that is only licensed for use on McGill-owned computers. Using Computer lab availability and reporting, students can locate available workstations in classrooms and labs where such software is installed, potentially saving them a trip to an overcrowded lab.

When required by the Faculty under special circumstances, classrooms can also be configured for remote access by students.

Who can use it

All students, faculty, and staff can view computer lab availability.

Students enrolled in specific classes can connect remotely to computers in designated labs to access software required for their classes. The Instructor or Faculty must confirm access permission.

Administrators of the system can access reporting and dashboard features.

How to request & access the service

Access the service by pointing your web browser to https://anydesk.it.mcgill.ca. Sign in with your McGill username and password.

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NOTE: VPN required for off-campus access

If you are accessing this site from outside the McGill network, you need to connect to the McGill VPN.

Requesting access permission

Individuals requiring Administrator access to reporting and dashboards should contact the IT Service Desk

Students requiring remote access to lab and classroom computers should first confirm with their Instructor or Faculty to determine whether this service is being used for their courses. Remote access is only available in specific circumstances.


There is no cost associated with this service.


This service is available between 8 am and 10 pm, 7 days a week, except during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Check the home page of the IT Support site for announcements regarding service interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

Please ensure you are connected to the McGill network via a wired jack, McGill Wireless service, or VPN.

See the Cost section of the uPrint - campus printing service description.

Best practices & policies

Training & documentation

Students who require remote access to labs for their coursework see instructions for remotely accessing computer labs.


Report issues with this service to the IT Service Desk