Configure Wireless on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


Target audience: McGill students, staff and faculty

This article provides instructions on how to configure wireless network access on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

Follow the instructions below to set up a connection to one of McGill’s wireless networks using WiFi Protected Access (WPA).

Note: The screenshots in this article may be different from what you see on your device.

  1. Go to the Home screen and click Settings.
  2. Select WiFi and make sure the WiFi is turned On.

    Wireless settings

  3. Select one of the following:
    • (secure WiFi on campus and in residences)  
    • eduroam (reserved for members of the eduroam service - non-McGill users visiting McGill and McGill users visiting another institution)
    • (on inter-campus shuttle buses)
    • CUSM-MUHC.MCGILL.CA (in some areas of MUHC -McGill University Health Centre)

      Note: If you do not see this option, and wish to request the installation of a new MUHC wireless access point, please contact MUHC Information Services at 514-934-8484

    List of wireless network names

  4. Enter your McGill Username and McGill Password > click Join to join McGill’s wireless network.

    Enter username and password

  5. On the Certificate screen, click Trust, as long as it comes from a "Thawte" source, with the address of "".

    Accept certificate

  6. You are now successfully connected to McGill's wireless network.

    Successful connection

  7. Return to the Home screen and tap on the Safari icon to go to a website (ie. to verify that you have wireless connectivity. 



Wireless Network Connectivity - service description